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An extension of an existing campaign, Empowering Life Takes Us All seeks to uncover the lesser known stories behind the life saving medicines being developed by Sanofi. 

Through striking storytelling, our campaign was designed to get to the heart of the Sanofi spirit. The relentless work ethic. The unbounded passion. The sacrifice and grit behind every success. We sought to change the narrative; inviting people to rediscover Sanofi to learn about the life changing work they are doing and the amazing people it takes to bring it all to life. 

Campaign deliverables included video, campaign website, microsite, promotional events and social content. 

This project was scheduled to kick off April of 2020 but was placed on hold due to COVID-19 concerns

Client: Sanofi via W2O Group

Empowering Life takes us all


The website features four stories at a time. When a viewer hovers over the screen the selected image turns from black & white  to color and reveals more information



A series of videos tell the stories of the people who embody the Sanofi spirit. We'll look at the small, human moments that make up each of these stories. An anthem video will weave them all together to strengthen the connection between the narratives.


The way we shoot our visuals must allow us to feel the gravity of the story being told. 


We'll use a mix of wides, close ups and macro photography, following the connected thread of a shape that transitions into another as the scenes change, to dynamically show exactly what it takes to empower life.


Whenever possible we use natural light, that can subtly be augmented if needed. The footage should feel real but slightly heightened - cinematic. 


Virginia's Story

Beginning with a little girl's fascination with her fish tank and ending with complex cell communication systems, we follow the journey of a scientist who's opening the gateway to the next generation of treatment.


We open on a dimly lit scene outdoors and the sound of rain. As dawn breaks, we see a single rain drop on a leaf. The drop begins to roll down and falls. The camera pans down to follow the drop and it splashes into a pool of water. As the camera dives down we see the view inside a fish tank. The camera pans around and we see Virginia gazing at her fish in amazement.



It took a farmer collecting eggs before the break of dawn.


It took a little girl’s unbounded curiosity.


It takes 



All of us…

To empower lives. 



We open on a dimly lit scene in a barn and the sound of a rooster crowing. A hand reaches out to pick up an egg. As the hand moves to place the egg in a basket we transisition to the next scene. 

Match cuts will be used to move from scene to scene to ensure  a sense of continuity between each story. 




Through a microsite, we'll share the stories of extraordinary people in and around Sanofi—up to six degrees separated from Sanofi directly—who have made positive impacts on the lives of patients and employees. 


From an employee’s spouses’ sibling to a patient’s caregivers’ friend, we illuminate the vastness of Sanofi’s network. Of the remarkable people in our orbit. We show the power of teamwork. Of connection. Of empowering life.

six degrees of sanofi

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