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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can rob those suffering with it of the things they love most. Abbvie came to W2O Group looking to film some talking head videos of RA influencers. We sought to push the creative further, developing a series of concepts that focused on things the RA influencers loved. In each scenario the audience is presented with a glimpse into the life the subject leads after they’ve gotten their RA under control. 


For each concept, a combination of live action in a studio setting and animation would surprise and delight the audience as these stories were brought to life.


The client loved the concepts but was unfortunately unable to secure the budget to move forward with the project.


RA Stories



Among Friends

We open close up on Kenzie, sitting alone at a dinner table. In a VO, she speaks about her love of entertaining and reveals that she is going to talk to her doctor and set remission as her treatment goal. The camera pulls back to reveal additional place settings as the table comes to life; glasses fill, lighting lowers, flowers spring up from a vase, etc.


Kenzie smiles to the camera as the doorbell rings. She she snaps her fingers — lighting the candles on the table.

Abbvie_RA Video Concepts__AmongFriends.p


The Path to Joy

We open close up on a first person POV of Cathy’s feet in the summer. To elude to the passage of time throughout the year, the ground underneath her will change to depict different seasons, ending in fall. As she begins to walk, through the magic of projection, the path in front of her begins to fill in with beautiful fall foliage. The camera pans up and we see Izzy looking excited for their walk.


Throughout the scene. in a VO, she speaks about her love of the outdoors and reveals that she knows her RA is under control when she's able to take daily walks with her dog Izzy. She's partnered with her doctor to translate her passion for spending time outdoors into a goal for her RA treatment. The camera pans around and we see Cathy smiling.

Abbvie_RA Video Concepts_R2V1-ChalkConce


In This Together

We open on Stephanie getting into her car. In a VO, Stephanie speaks about her passion for long car trips and reveals that she is going to talk to her doctor and set remission as her treatment goal. The camera pulls back and we see a bobble head on the dash of the car. As Stephanie adjusts the mirror and snaps her seatbelt, we cut back to the bobblehead, who through the use of special effects springs to life.

He pulls his goggles and scarf out of his tiny suitcase and begins wiggling with anticipation. We see him spin around to look out the windshield. Stephanie looks at her companion gives him a wink and smiles.

Abbvie_RA Video Concepts_InThisTogether.
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