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Profiles in Resilience is a series of artworks created by W2O Group and various artists for the International AIDS Society AIDS2020 event. The series brings the stories of HIV activists to life.  

I partnered with Liam O'Donnell, a Brooklyn based illustrator, to create this piece. The artwork gives the viewer a sense of Erika's incredible strength. We see the intense storm that she has been through. She does not simply bypass the emotions but walks directly into them embracing the frustration and anger. By doing this she is able to  come out the other side stronger. 


Kintsugi (金継ぎ), the art of precious scars, was also explored as a concept. In sitting with Erika's quote, I was reminded that it is through allowing ourselves to break that we are able to put ourselves back together stronger than before.

The Profiles in Resilience series was Awarded the 2021 Innovation SABRE Award for Best Use of Illustrations + Photography  in the Brand Content & Creativity category.



For me, resilience is not only being strong, but also surviving in your moments of weakness. I don't always have to be strong. I also need to cry. I also need to feel frustrated. And I also need to feel anger. Resilence to me is overcoming those moments. So I cry then I wipe my tears and go on. I get angry, I take out my frustration and go on. For me, that's resilience.

- Erika Casttellanos


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