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Art Direction. Design. Zeal.

I have always loved to create. As a child much of my time was spent making art, writing and producing plays and choreographing dances. I feel most alive when solving a design problem. From research to execution, there is no greater reward for me than working through a new challenge. 

I have in house and agency experience working with a wide variety of clients creating everything from social posts to websites and flyers to environmental graphics. From Ice Cream (sorry, "soft-serve") to Healthcare and many industries in-between, I've created lots of things and (mostly) had fun doing it. 

A conceptual thinker with a broad range of technical skills and an eye toward growth, Im always eager to learn new things. 

In my free time, I love to climb the hills of San Francisco and wander around taking lots of photos along the way. I also enjoy film, anything that makes me laugh or leaves me guessing. 

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Angie joined my team to help with the graphical design components during the final push of a large rebranding project. She immediately jumped in at the deep end during a particularly intense time and remained unfazed even under craziest of deadlines. A fantastic team player, she is a very fast learner, and a great designer too. On a personal level I have really enjoyed working with her, she’s wonderfully enthusiastic and has a tremendous sense of humour.  I would have no hesitation recommending her as a valuable asset to any design team.


Angie is exactly the kind of designer you want on your team. Not only  is she talented and incredibly hard-working, but she has an excellent attitude and inspires everyone to do their best work by consistently bringing her best ideas, feedback and designs to every meeting, brainstorm or presentation. She's always learning and offering new insights, and she always left me feeling assured that her work would deliver. And it did. I enjoyed every minute of working with Angie and will be looking forward to any opportunity to do so again.


Angie joined the design team at Fluidigm in a very intense time prior to the new brand launch. She jumped in, learned all details and started producing hi-quality work right away. Angie has a valuable combination of listening and following art direction with great design taste, sense of typography and attention to detail. She is a team player and combines high professionalism with humor and intelligence, which makes her fantastic to work with. 









Basic understanding of and experience with HTML & CSS 

Adobe XD

After Effects

Premiere Pro





Plays well with others

Growth Mindset


Grace under pressure

Stellar sense of humor

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