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Evolve Together Campaign

C1 open app allows users of the Fluidigm C1 system to view new protocols, download reference data and share best practices with peers in an online community. In order to build awareness and expand the user base an integrated campaign was launched which included a landing page, email and promotional print pieces.

The target customers are Single-Cell Method Developers who are first movers; those unafraid to create applications and apply new methods. People with a desire to understand how we, as biological systems, work. And are eager to collaborate with their peers to find answers.

At the heart of the campaign was the idea of community. I began by researching and brainstorming ways to represent community visually. The aspect of people working toward a common goal was particularly important. I arrived at the idea of social insects, a highly evolved species that engage in a variety of complex tasks not practiced by the multitude of solitary insects. Colonies working closely together for the greater good. The honeycomb provided a perfect structure to visually represent this network. 


Role: Concept Development and Design